Giant’s Cave

Step Into The Home of Giants

The Giant’s Cave, sometimes known as Ghyston’s Cave or the Foxhole, is a natural cave in the limestone face of St Vincent’s Rocks in the Avon Gorge. For centuries, it was only accessible from the top of the steep sided Gorge, or by a stiff climb up from the base of the cliff. It can now be approached from the inside of Clifton Observatory.

“I really would recommend everyone to visit this place. Surrounding views so amazing, natural beauty. Clifton bridge and the surrounding mountains an experience not to be missed.” – Jordan A, Tripadvisor

Explore The World of Giants

Adventure down into the depths of the Avon gorge and step into the world of the giants. See the home of Bristol’s infamous giants, Goram, Ghyston, and Avona.

“This is one of the must-visit places in Bristol. The view here is perfect. You’ll see the beauty of the city.” – Sasa R, Google Reviews

A Steep Journey

The journey down to the viewing platform consists of 130 steep steps. The tunnel leading down is 200 feet (61m) long. The cave opens out on the cliff face, 250 feet (76m) above the Avon gorge and 90 feet (27m) below the cliff top.

“Well worth the descent and climb back up as the view of the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge is fabulous once you are out on the viewing platform.” – Dierdre M, Tripadvisor

Book The Cave

The Giant’s Cave is a unique space available to hire for your special occasion. The cave can host up to 20 standing guests. To arrange an atmospheric and intimate event with impressive views over the Avon Gorge, get in touch.