Easter in Bristol

Easter in Bristol

2 April, 2021
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The Easter Bunny hot chocolate

This Easter weekend there’s no better place to be than Clifton observatory. The weather is finally warming up, the views are spectacular as always, and the local area boasts unique Springtime flora and fauna.

One of the most distinctive species in the area is the Bristol Whitebeam. This tree is unique to the area; you won’t find it anywhere else in the world. And, if you’re brave enough to venture down the cliff-face, you might find Bristol rock-cress. As its name suggests, these cliffs are the only place in the UK that this species grows. Here you’ll also find an array of colourful flowers like red valerian, spiked speedwell, and another local speciality, the Bristol onion.

And with flowers come butterflies and bees. As the weather improves, see if you can spot the marbled white butterfly and the common blue butterfly amongst the foliage!

But you can also find wildlife in the form of tiny colourful eggs and bunnies at the observatory itself, at the 360 Café. On top of our brand-new Easter Bunny hot chocolates, to be precise. These rich, creamy dark hot chocolates are the perfect way to pack your weekend with Easter treats. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, Easter sprinkles, mini eggs and a luxury chocolate bunny, they’re the ultimate choco-fest!

Also available is the Egg Hunt cake by Cakesmiths: a spiced fruit cake decorated with frosting and gorgeous seasonal petals and pistachios. This treat is vegan, so anyone can enjoy it.

Both menu items are limited availability, and the special edition Easter Bunny hot chocolates will be available from Good Friday to Easter Monday, so this weekend is your only chance to get one!

The Easter Bunny hot chocolate

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