10 Things You’ll Know If You Live in Bristol

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1. You might spend your first few months here struggling to understand the locals, but after a while you’ll find yourself using “mi luvver” with every other sentence, and “cheers drive!” when you’re getting off the bus.


2. Bristol has some of the WORST hills you’ll ever have to tackle in your life (looking at you Park St.)

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3. But that also means that it has the absolutely BEST views.




4. Some pretty mental things can happen in Bristol, remember when we put a giant slide down the middle of Park St?


Or when 100 naked cyclists celebrated bikes and bodies to demonstrate the vulnerabilities of cyclists on crowded roads?


5. You’ll also know that when Shaun the Sheep comes to town it is the BEST time of the year

Find out how to get on the trail here – http://shauninthecity.org.uk/


6. But the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is also pretty cool too (100 balloon all over the Bristol Skyline – awesome)



7. And you’ll know that the Bristol Harbour Festival is the best place to go for some amazing street food and fireworks by the harbour



8. The best place to drink (and we really mean drink) is the Coronation Tap or the “Corry Tap”in Clifton, exhibition strength cider, live music and a Cider Festival every August.

9. As we are home to the worlds most famous street artist Banksy, Bristol is a great place to find some street art.

10. And if you’re really a Bristolian you’ll have some Bristol Pounds in your pocket to spend around your favourite city 

Basically Bristol, you’re mental, you keep our legs toned and you’re a pretty awesome place to live.

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